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Colegio Necali
Global School of Monterrey

The teachers and directors of Colegio Necali are committed to providing the highest quality education opportunities for all of our students so that they can thrive in an ever- changing world.

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Students at Colegio Necali Are Resilient

We are more aware today than ever before of the importance of providing our students with all the resources necessary to become authentic global citizens

Our academic programs are focused on helping students learn to be independent and informed decision makers with a deep awareness of the world around them. 

Since education is a partnership between school and family, Colegio Necali has developed a follow-up program for every student so that parents can track their child’s academic progress and social development in a comprehensive manner.

Why choose Colegio Necali?

Global School of Monterrey

International School

Colegio Necali is now an active member of Atlant Global Schools Group, which is focused on providing high quality and innovative education all over the world.

World Languages

Because we are committed to providing our students with the very best tools needed for success now and later in life, our academic programs are 100% bilingual. Plus, we offer an opportunity for students to learn a third language as added enrichment.

Classroom Technology

Online resources and a variety of advanced technology platforms provide support for more student-centered learning in specific subject areas to enable more effective classroom teaching.

Academic Programs

As a result of our many years of experience as innovative educators, we have designed a comprehensive academic curriculum that will enable students to successfully advance thorough all grade levels beginning in pre-kindergarten and continuing through middle. school.

Sports Teams

Colegio Necali promotes a healthy lifestyle for all of our students by training them in different sports activities and preparing them to competitively compete with other area schools at a variety of levels.

Cultural Activities

Quality eduction that prepares students for successful global citizenship must also include a profound appreciation for art, music, and other areas of cultural interests. Colegio Necali provides diverse opportunities for students to participate in and develop sensitivity for artistic expression.

Years of experience teaching, innovating, and preparing students to thrive.
+ 400
Students from Preschool to Middle School.
+ 20
Teaching faculty and administrative staff helping our students to thrive.

At a Glance

Colegio Necali was founded in 1940 as a kindergarten. The school later became one of the first bilingual schoolsvin the area, and in 1963 we moved from central Monterrey to San Pedro Garza García.

Since our founding, the teachers and directors of Colegio Necali have always believed that teaching must be grounded in kindness while instilling a sense of personal responsibility along with the courage to face whatever challenges may arise both now and in the future. Our mission and our unwavering commitment to our students are based on these principles and all that we do for every child is done with these qualities of character guiding us.

"I believe that being kind while helping my students to learn and be prepare to be better persons in the world, is a personal mission that matches what Colegio Necali works for."

Miss Sanchez

Preschool Teacher

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Colegio Necali
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