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Our preschool programs at Colegio Necali

Welcome to nursery and preschool

Colegio necali started as kindergarden

Back in 1940, our founders realized a necessity to help Monterrey’s toddlers to learn in a better, safer and more modern environment.

Since then we have put a lot of focus on the way our teachers and staff interact with our students, our academic model helps them to establish achievable goals for the kids regarding their age and abilities.

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Experience Colegio Necali

Children learn to be happy from their parents.

at Colegio Necali the development of our little ones is as important as the development of their parents and families.

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“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children”.
Nelson Mandela

What we do.


We take care of the little ones in a safe environment, where their teachers and caretakers are very deeply trained to understand their needs and help them to develop the basic abilities to thrive in their upcoming academic and social activities. 

This is the hardest level of trust for new parents, we understand and walk the path with them to offer valuable formative steps to our children. 


Choosing a school for your toddler means finding a place where they will learn, make new friends and begin their self discovery journey while you as a parent keep the track of life.

At Colegio Necali you can count with Personalized Attention, High Class Facilities and an Academic Model that will help your children reach their full potential.

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