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Middle School

Going ahead from Colegio Necali

Middle School at Colegio Necali

We share with you as parents, the commitment to provide many tools to create a successful and happy life for our children.

Coming to this stage in the educational journey of our kids is very important since it sets the rhythm of the upcoming academic steps they are about to take.

At Colegio Necali we are leading the way to reach outstanding acceptance rates in the most prestigious high schools in the city.

Our Academic Model

At Colegio Necali you will experience a Personalized Attention type of service, you will be part of our Smart Classes Model, our Soft Skills Programs and you will enjoy our brand new Facilities.

Selection Criteria

Colegio Necali is a school with over 80 years of experience in Monterrey that has been evolving its Academic Model in order to keep ahead of the educational necessities of our Community.

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“My son graduated from Necali and his transition to High School went very smoothly, basically because he had great academic levels in most of his courses in middle school.”

Mrs. González

Mom at Colegio Necali

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