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School Life

What makes Colegio Necali different?

A home, away from home

As a Necali team, we are committed to building a shared community where both students and teachers feel comfortable and look forward to coming to school in the morning

The concerns and values of the school’s families are our first priority. As a result, we try diligently to quickly address parents’ questions and concerns. Likewise we also celebrate together every student’s success.

With an extensive renovation project underway that will result in new facilities as well as the installation of innovative technology to meet the ever-changing needs of students and teachers, Colegio Necali will become a place where students enjoy learning in school facilities that are second to none in Monterrey.

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Experience colegio Necali

New bioclimatic facilities

We took the time to renovate our spaces

With an extensive renovation project recently undertaken to renew all of the school’s major learning spaces as well as the installation of the latest advanced technology to meet the ever evolving needs of students and teachers, Colegio Necali will become a place where students enjoy learning in facilities that are second to none in Monterrey.

Not only will students develop STEM skills in our state-of-the-art science laboratories but they can also enjoy our beautiful botanical garden, renovated classroom spaces with new furniture, a remodeled cafeteria with healthy food choices, and a completely remodeled and  re-purposed gymnasium.

As we all know, schools and educational practices are changing quickly in all parts of the world and some of these developments are the result of the ongoing world-wide health crisis. Colegio Necali is acutely aware of the importance of the health and safety of all of our students while they are with us.

Therefore, the school has implemented critically important protocols that include social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, as well as procedures for healthy classroom environments. We spare no expense to make certain every child is safe while at school.

Classroom Technology

Online resources and a variety of advanced technology platforms provide support for more student-centered learning in specific subject areas and they enable more effective classroom teaching.

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"We are a leading school with outstanding acceptance rates at some of the most prestigious high schools in the city, in this country, and abroad."

Daniel García

New Technologies Teacher at Colegio Necali

Sports and co-curricular activities

Because quality education that prepares students for successful global citizenship must also include a profound appreciation for art, music, and other areas of cultural interests, Colegio Necali provides diverse opportunities for students to participate in and develop sensitivity for artistic expression and co-curricular activities.

Some of these opportunities include instruction for playing musical instruments including guitar, dance classes, basketball and football, and many other choices based on student interest. ​

Ask for schedules for these activities from our School Life Department

School Life Experience

Healthy Meals

The cafeteria service includes a variety of healthy meals and snacks.

Campus WiFi

Internet access is available in all areas of the school in order to enhance students’ individualized learning experiences.

iPads Program

An iPad Program is available to further facilitate a student’s individual technology and online learning resources.

We want you to thrive

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